What is a Woman? My Response

Say what you will about Walsh, the question has got us all thinking

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7 min readJul 17, 2022


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Matt Walsh is one of the most ignorant, bigoted, misogynistic grifters the internet has ever seen…. [yet] Somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, he was managing to seem reasonable.

It turns out that Walsh achieved this feat, for the most part, by keeping his mouth shut. He travels from San Francisco to Boston, New York to Nairobi, visits experts in gender studies and gender reassignment surgery, asks them questions that, at least until recently, would be considered incredibly simple.

And then, well, he just lets them talk.”

Steve JQ, Writer on Medium

You have most likely seen or at least heard a great deal about the Matt Walsh documentary, What is a Woman?

And whatever one might say about Matt Walsh, I have to hand it to him right at the outset. Watching him pose the question to so many people of so many different viewpoints, really…and I mean really, got me thinking.

I myself was stumped.

It is, I have to admit, a deceptively simple question. And to make it even more difficult, Walsh doesn’t ask the question in any philosophical sense. Not once in his query does he ask what it means to be a woman. Nor does he even once ask what a woman’s role should be in relationships or society.

He asks the question in the most basic, literal sense — the way a hypothetical alien from outer space visiting earth for the first time, or a small curious child seeking to understand her surroundings, might ask it.

And as he does, he gets blank stares, circular arguments, solipsistic platitudes about one’s right to chose one’s identity, one genuine admission of ignorance, and this gem of evasiveness from Jordan Peterson…

“Marry one, and find out.”

(hmmm….that sounds expensive)

A woman is someone who identifies as a woman

“A woman is someone who identifies as a woman.”

This line is found a couple of times in the film if I recall correctly. It is the one phrase that stuck with me the most…



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